Can your child’s teacher afford to live in Pacifica?

Attracting and retaining quality career teachers and educational support staff is central to the fabric of our community. The Pacifica School District has made this a top priority.

Over the years, the rising cost of housing has been a major obstacle in meeting our mission and in retaining teachers—many of whom are enduring long commutes from areas where housing is more affordable. We also must regularly recruit new teachers with the passion and skills necessary to meet the challenges of the future in order to continue providing an equitable, rigorous academic program that inspires joy, confidence, and achievement in learning.

Our children’s teachers would need to spend half of their monthly gross salary to afford a one-bedroom, 750 square foot apartment in Pacifica today.

For the past eight years, the Pacifica School District has been working to explore the use of surplus District-owned land to provide quality affordable housing for Pacifica’s teachers and educational support staff. Based on public feedback and expert analysis, we have identified the opportunity to use the former elementary campus at 930 Oddstad Blvd. to help meet District housing needs.

To achieve this, the District has engaged Brookwood Advisors to help re-use the former elementary campus at Oddstad Blvd. This campus has been closed since 2005 due to lack of enrollment and consolidation of students to other campuses. In recent years, the District has seen an additional decline in enrollment, so the need for future school capacity has further diminished. Existing school sites have the ability to meet the long-term needs of the community without the Oddstad site.

The Plan

The plan includes 70 residences, the majority of which will be priced below market rate for Pacifica School District teachers and educational workforce employees. The plan calls for the preservation of the site’s two existing soccer fields with the addition of a community building to support the fields and benefit the local community.  Building heights across the site will be limited to two stories as part of a concerted effort to respect our neighbors and ensure additional buildings integrate seamlessly into the existing landscape.

Site plan


Townhome elevation


Apartment elevation

Community Outreach

The plan’s features and amenities are the direct result of our dialogue together in community meetings, feedback in surveys, and dozens of conversations with neighbors over the past two years about the future of the Oddstad site.

More than 85 neighbors have come to our in-person meetings to share their preferences and over 120 community members have contributed written feedback on the plan through surveys and response cards.

Community input has directly led to the inclusion of significant amenities that will benefit the Pacifica community. These include the continued availability and access to the Oddstad play fields for public use, and the improvement and ongoing maintenance of the fields. The plan now includes a new community sports facility adjacent to the fields, including changing rooms, a snack bar and a shaded porch for gathering, all features identified as important by neighbors.


2005 – Oddstad Elementary closes

2013 – Pacifica School District initiates exploration of site reuse for teacher housing; community conversations begin

2017 – Brookwood Advisors joins the effort as a strategic advisor

2018 – HEART provides pre-construction financing

2020 – Pacifica School District relaunches plan for 70 residences and incorporates resident feedback to date

2020 – 2022 – City review; community meetings 11.4.21, 3.31.22, 4.2.22, 4.6.22

2022 – 2023* – Final design and financing plans

2023* – Final City consideration

2024* – Construction commences

*target dates


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